The village's rain garden provides several environmental benefits and is the future of stormwater management.

The seamless integration of technology and design allows people to take full advantage of their own talents and abilities. Lakeside Village’s fully equipped academic and community spaces will contribute to the overall success of the campus community.

LEED Gold Certification

Innovative design features such as rooftop green spaces and rain garden contribute to the village's LEED Gold certification and support the sustainability initiatives of our campus and local communities.

  • aerialThe village’s green roofs reduce and slow down water runoff, provide food for pollinator species of animals, naturally insulate the building, and absorb carbon dioxide to clean the air and help regulate the climate
  • Insulated walls and enhanced window glazing help to regulate the interior temperature without relying on cooling or heating systems
  • Innovative heating and cooling systems are designed to condition and filter the air as well as re-purpose it for other uses throughout the facility
  • Existing trees and plant life were evaluated and, when possible, were incorporated into the landscape of Lakeside Village or located elsewhere on campus or in the surrounding local area