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With its majestic views of Lake Osceola, this housing village will showcase the beauty of the Coral Gables campus and support creativity and enthusiasm in all members of the campus community.
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Innovative design features such as roof-top green spaces, a rain garden and LEED-certified construction will support the sustainability initiatives of our campus and local communities.
A vibrant and lively space at the epicenter for academic and cultural interaction on campus, the housing village transforms into more than just a place to sleep.
Designed with the UM student experience in mind, the village breaks down traditional barriers to learning and fosters collaboration at many levels.
From room layouts and finishes to the seamless integration of technology and design, the village’s indoor spaces will be designed for the needs and expectations of the next generation of students.

student housing village

With its quintessential Miami Modern living community, integrated academic and student services, flexible event and recreational spaces, and locations for retail operations all on one site, the 600,000-square-foot lakeside Student Housing Village will redefine what it means to live, learn and work at the University of Miami.
The next generation in on-campus housing.
In keeping with the University’s vision to become an exemplary and excellent institution, it is embarking on a multi-phase housing plan to improve its current housing offerings for students.
In addition to five floors of student housing for more than 1,000 students, the first floor and mezzanine level of the main structure are planned to serve as retail, event and office spaces.

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