Centennial Village

The University of Miami’s Centennial Village, the second phase of a multi-year plan to modernize campus housing, will serve as a hallmark of the Coral Gables campus and support the University’s efforts to competitively recruit top academic and athletic talent.

This second phase begins with the complete replacement of Hecht Residential College followed by Stanford Residential College. In addition, the Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall will be replaced with a new facility integrated into the village.

Made up of five residential colleges, Centennial Village will continue the successful First-Year Experience program with live-in faculty as well as professional and student staff who support and enhance the first-year experience. In addition to double rooms and an increased offering of single rooms, the new residential colleges will feature centrally-located private bathrooms, shared resident lounges, as well as classrooms and other instructional space.

Additionally, Centennial Village will be positioned to take advantage of the many outdoor and programmatic elements of the Coral Gables campus surrounding Lake Osceola. 

Please send any questions or comments to newstudenthousing@miami.edu. Please direct all media inquiries to the Office of Media Relations

Project Timeline

  • May 2022: Hecht Residential College closes 
  • May 2024: Stanford Residential College and Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall close 
  • August 2024: Residential colleges 1 and 2 open (including new dining hall) 
  • August 2026: Residential colleges 3, 4, and 5 open 

Estimated Cost

$335 million

Program Data

Total Number of Beds: approximately 2,025

  • Residential Colleges 1 and 2: 875 
  • Residential Colleges 3, 4, and 5: 1,150 


  • Residential Colleges 1 and 2: 310, 000 square feet 
  • Residential Colleges 3 and 4: 270,000 square feet 
  • Residential College 5: 95,000 square feet 


  • Residential College 1 (North): 10 floors 
  • Residential College 2 (South): 9 floors 
  • Residential College 3 (North): 8 floors 
  • Residential College 4 (South): 10 floors 
  • Residential College 5: 8 floors  

Common Spaces

  • Classrooms 
  • Conference and seminar rooms 
  • Faculty and staff apartments 
  • Two multi-purpose great rooms 
  • Collaborative working space for students and faculty living or teaching in Centennial Village 
  • Meditation/reflection rooms 
  • Recreation and gaming lounges 
  • 600-seat dining facility 
  • Music practice rooms 

Project Team

  • University Client: Housing and Residential Life; Division of Student Affairs 
  • Architect: VMDO Architects; Zyscovich Architects 
  • Project Advisor: Brailsford and Dunlavey 
  • Project Manager: Facilities Operations and Planning 
  • Builder: Coastal Construction 

All information above is current as of December 2021