Housing Facilities Strategic Plan

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Completed in three phases, the Housing Facilities Strategic plan includes the construction of new facilities as well as the complete renovation of existing ones.

Nothing impacts the quality of life for students who live on campus more than the quality of their on-campus housing. As the University of Miami continues to rise as a top-tier research institution, so too do students’ expectations for a comfortable, secure and supportive living and learning environment.

In keeping with the University’s vision to become an exemplary and excellent institution, it is embarking on a multi-phase housing plan to improve its current housing offerings for students. In doing so, the University will meet student – and parent – needs and expectations as the institution continues to attract brighter and more talented students.

Please send any questions, comments or media inquiries to newstudenthousing@miami.edu.

Phase 1: Student Housing Village

The first step in this plan is to construct a new facility on the south side of Lake Osceola so that the current number of bed spaces can be maintained during future construction and to meet increasing demand overtime. With a commitment to the integration of the various aspects of campus life into a single facility, this new space will elevate the daily experiences of countless students, faculty, staff and visitors who pass through this central site every day.

The village will activate the surrounding area and highlights the tropical lushness of the Coral Gables campus. It will excite the campus community and become a destination in and of itself. Most of all, this new village will add to the sense of place and belonging for those who live, work and learn there.

Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design August 2015 March 2017
Permitting April 2017 October 2017
Demolition April 2017 June 2017
Site Work April 2017 October 2017
Construction November 2017 July 2019


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Phase 2: Freshmen Village

The current housing facilities reserved for first-year students (Hecht and Stanford) will be replaced, together with the complete renovation of Eaton Residenital College, to form the Freshmen Village: a 5-college, 2,200-bed residential community.

Phase 2a Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design & Permit Summer 2017 Summer 2019
Demolition & Construction Summer 2019 Summer 2021

Phase 2b Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design & Permit Fall 2019 Summer 2021
Demolition & Construction Summer 2021 Summer 2023

Phase 2c Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design & Permit Spring 2022 Spring 2023
Demolition & Construction Spring 2023 Fall 2024

Phase 3: Facility Renovations

The complete renovation and modernization of Mahoney and Pearson residential colleges to include:

  • Replacement of curtain walls and updating all major HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Conversion of first-floor student living space into common area space supporting programmatic and recreation activities within the college
  • Updating current semi-suites (two standard double rooms with shared bath) to full suites and adding additional suites to include a mix of single and double rooms, semi-private baths and a common room with a kitchenette

Mahoney Renovation Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design & Permit 2023 2025
Demolition & Construction 2023 2024

Pearson & Commons Renovation Tentative Timeline

Start Date End Date
Design & Permit 2022 2024
Demolition & Construction 2024 2026